Pride Events

We are really excited to be attending Bristol Pride and we have spaces for you to get involved or spend time reflecting during and in the lead up to Pride.

The things that bind us

During the week in the lead up to Pride we have a space in The New Rooms (which is part of the Wesley Chapel in the Horse Fair) where you can reflect on things that have kept us in chains. We are encouraging people to spend time reflecting on things that have kept them bound in life and long to experience freedom. We are building paper chains out of these issues to help people see the real challenges people face. The issues does not need to be LGBTQIA+ related but we would love to hear from you if it is.

If you want to pop into to the chapel to join in with this activity then it is open between 10:00 – 16:00.

Service of Celebration

We are planning on holding another Service of Celebration this year. Check back for more details soon.

Pride March

The service will finish by 10:45 so we can join the Pride March all the way to Millennium Square where we will then be moving to our stall in the tent.

Pride Stall

We will have a stall in the tent where we will be sharing a affirming message about the love of God for all people.

If you are around and want to stop by and say hi, we would love to see you.